Belgrade city tour



The tour starts by panoramic view of Belgrade, while driving through the streets of the city. You’ll pass by Terazije square, National Assembly, New and Old palace, Tito’s mausoleum, St. Sava Temple ( the biggets orthodox church on Balkans ). The Republic Square, the most popular Belgraders meeting point with Knez Mihailo Obrenović Monument, National Museum and Theater will show you city’s everyday life. You will also see a “?” Inn with it’s interesting story, Saborna Church, Patriarchy Palace, Residence of Princess Ljubica. Afterwards, goes the most important Belgrade symbols - mighty Belgrade Fortress-Kalemegdan and Victor Monument. It offers an exciting view of the confluence of Sava and Danube, of New Belgrade and Zemun. The Kalemegdan Park contains the “Cvijeta Zuzorić” Pavilion, the Grand Stairway, the zoo, children’s park and a number of monuments and sculptures, several sports courts, a museum, a café and a restaurant.