Bohemian Belgrade by night



By this evening you will have a chance to meet Belgrade from totaly different perspective. The night begins by taking a stroll through illuminated city, discovering how does Belgrade look by night. Our last stop is Skadarlija where we take a brief walk to our restaurant. Skadarlija is a picturesque quarter with old, little houses and plenty of cheerful restaurants. Once inhabited by craftsmen and lower rank bureaucracy, the area was known for its lively bohemian life in the second part of the 19th century, as a meeting place for artists, actors, journalists, writers and poets who would drop in here at the crack of dawn. In this small and unique world of gastronomy, tiny art galleries, open-air exhibitions, street musicians and fortune-tellers lie some of the best known Belgrade's national restaurants. A traditional serbian dinner will be served in a fine, nostalgic and 150-years-old setting, where the discrete sounds of live folk music are performed by the joyful strolling musicians. This would be the evening to remember!