Kovacica – the naive painter’s nest



Kovačica is home to a school of naive art which has garnered fans across the world. It takes roughly 50 km north of Belgrade. Kovačica visit will definitely take you back to another age. Some homes are still painted in a traditional light blue and many of the women are dressed in colorful, long flowing woolen skirts with headscarves.At other times, the works of Kovačica’s painters are collected and exhibited in the Gallery of Naive Art. This gallery was founded in 1955 and it was the first gallery of naive art in the country. After visiting Kovačica village we will continue to Deliblatska peščara (Deliblato Sand) – is one of the largest sandy terrains in Europe.  On the way we will have free time for lunch. It is situated in Vojvodina plain. It used to be a part of prehistoric desert. It is originated from the withdrawal of the Panonian Sea. Regarding the forest and unique surroundings, it was proclaimed to be the Special Nature Reserve. In the afternoon we will return to Belgrade.