Lepenski Vir and Viminacium



Lepenski Vir is very important Mesolithic archaeological site located in Serbia. It consists of one large settlement with around ten satellite villages. The evidence suggests the first human presence in the locality around 7000 BC with the culture reaching its peak between 5300 BC and 4800 BC. Numerous piscine sculptures and peculiar architecture are testimony to a rich social and religious life led by the inhabitants and the high cultural level of these early Europeans. Today it represents one of the most important archeological sites in Europe.

After visiting Lepenski Vir we will continue to Viminacium, another archeological miracle situated near Danube River. On the way we will have free time for lunch. Viminacium used to be a Military camp of the Roman province. Thanks to his extraordinary geographic position, the economics was developed, and its citizens enjoyed wealth.

In Viminacium you will find mausoleum, temples, thermal baths, the north gate of the military camp, an aqueduct and recently discovered Roman pantheon and amphitheater, one of the biggest on Balkan Peninsula. In the evening we will go back to Belgrade.