Manasija and Ravanica monasteries



Manasija Monastery is very significant Serbian Orthodox Monastery. It is situated near Despotovac, just a few kilometers from the E-75 highway. The church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and it is one of the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture. It belongs to the "Morava school". The monastery is surrounded by massive walls and towers. Afterwards we will continue to Ravanica Monastery, situated around 20 kilometers from Manasija Monastery. This monastery was built between 1375 and 1377 and it is the endowment of the famous Prince Lazar. Prince Lazar was buried in Ravanica Monastery after his death in the Kosovo battle. Since then, Ravanica Monastery has been a pilgrim's destination and an important center of cultural activities and the Serbian people's assemblies. In the afternoon we will free time for lunch and continue to Resavska Cave - which lies in the eastern Serbia in the vicinity of the town of Despotovac. This is the first cave to be prepared for visits in Serbia and it is very rich in cave ornaments of various shapes and colors. It represents one of the most important attractions in this part of Serbia. In the evening we will go back toBelgrade. Overnight in Belgrade.