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The Unique Balkan Tours offers various types of assistance for those who wish to hold a conference in Belgrade or Serbia.




We can help you from the very beginning. Even if it is the first international meeting or conference you are hosting, we can help you from the very beginning; starting off from the basic planning, obtaining the estimate of expenses, and making arrangements for venue and accommodations. Also providing necessary information to relevant international organizations and coordinating site inspection tours is a part of our job as well. Full support from the preparation to the actual staging of the conference is what we provide. Such wide-range and strong support is possible because we have strong ties with Serbia convention halls and hotels, and with government offices and private organizations.


  • We will make proposals for venues and accommodations that match the purpose of the conference, along with the estimate of cost.
  • Coordinate a site inspection of the proposed venue, hotel or reception hall.
  • Make contacts with international organizations and help invite key persons from overseas.
  • Cooperating in producing material for overseas presentation
  • Provide general information on convention facilities, hotels, etc.
  • Help to obtain conference pricing.
  • Provide or lend photos, slides or videos to promote destination.
  • Help to create a bid proposal.
  • Arrange to obtain an official invitation letter from the prefectural governments.
  • Offer convention rates for accommodation
  • Arrange after coference activities such as city tour, thematic tours, lunches, dinners, gala dinner, local entertainment demonstrations...




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