Niška spa, Serbia






Niška Spa is located in the southeastern Serbia, 9 kilometers from Niš. It is known as the oldest spa in Europe and it was well-known during the time of the Ancient Romans, who in the 2nd century capped the Glavno Vrelo spring, building a bath with two pools made of multicolored marble. The climate of this part of Serbia is unique by gentle moderate continental climate, the thermal mineral waters and the naturally mineral-rich mud. Next to its rich medical offer, Niška Spa is on such location that offers wide range of possibilities. Considering that it is close to Niš, the guests who come to Niška Spa can also visit some of the most interesting cultural and historical places. In Niš, the guests can see some of the monuments and traces of Serbian ancient culture:

  • Niš Fortress
  • Čegar Hill
  • The Skull Tower
  • Mediana Archeological Site

Next to these important monuments, the guests can always enjoy in nature of this region. The most famous representative of natural sights of this region is certainly Sićevo Gorge, a spectacular part of the river Nišava valley. Taking into account the outstanding natural beauty and rare native flora, the authorities recently proclaimed Sićevo Gorge a special nature reserve (2000). Sage, usually only growing in Mediterranean conditions, has its only natural location in Serbia here. Sport lovers can enjoy mountaineering, hiking and rafting.