Night life in Nis



TINKERS ALLEY (kazandzijsko sokace) is an old urban downtown which was built in the first half of 18th century. It was a street full of tinkers and other crafts, together with craftsmen houses deriving from Turkishperiod. The street became packed with cafes, a favorite site for the visitors.

NIS FORTRESS AREA is not only famous by its remarkably history and tradition but it is also famous by cozy cafes, restaurants and places where you can really enjoy. The place where the fortress was built, makes this place very popular among the guests who want to experience the nightlife of Niš.

CAR DUSAN STREET is a an area where you can always stop on your way through Niš and enjoy in good cup of coffee or serbian brandy. On every step, guests can feel good hospitality and cozy atmosphere.

ST.SAVA PARK AREA is not only beautiful because of its charm, but also by unforgetable nightlife that waits you around. Bars, cafes, clubs wait for everybody who wants to experience something different and enjoy staying in Nis.

CAIR PARK AREA The Cair Park in Nis is a unique urban complex which represents a significant location with sports and exercise contents in this city. It is located in Nis downtown. Besides sports content, near park, there are some cafes, bars and other place to stay during the night. It is place where young people spend their leisure time and have fun with their friends enjoying one unforgetable atmosphere.