Night life in Novi Sad



Almost everyone who visits Novi Sad is taken by its laid-back vibe. People are easy-going and known throughout Serbia for their philosophy of eating, drinking and living in the slow lane.

LAZA TELECKI STREET is a small street in downtown . It has pedestrian zone, packed with cafés, restaurants and clubs where you can enjoy in every day you spend in Novi Sad. Numerous of cafes, full with peolpe will help you to relax and enjoy Novi Sad’s nightlife.

SPENS AREA is located near the sport center of Novi Sad. Around this area you can also find everything you really need to relax and enjoy nightlife in Novi Sad.

PETROVARADIN FORTRESS Those who like clubbing will have terrific time on Petrovaradin Fortress and you cannot go wrong if you visit one of the restaurants where you can enjoy excellent food and one perfect view down the river.

BULEVAR OSLOBODJENJA Boulevard, the main street in Novi Sad, is not a traditional city neighborhood; it is rather an informal neighborhood that includes parts of several traditional city quarters . Bulevar is also regarded as an informal city centre and it is known as the main place in the city for business and leisure activities. There are many bars, shops, restaurants. It has everything that will mark your nightlife while visiting Novi Sad.