Prolom spa, Serbia






Prolom Spa is located on the slopes of the Radan Mountain in the South of Serbia. It is well known by its natural Prolom water. This water is one of a rare group of waters witch has a high balneological value. This popular Serbian spa has several thermal mineral water springs. These springs are ranging in temperature from 26-31.5°C. Next to healing springs, Prolom Spa has moderate continental climate which has positive effect on the human body and the immune system. This is why Prolom Spa is considered to be very important health resort in Serbia. Prolom Spa is on such location that offers wide range of possibilities to get to know this Serbia region. Next to many cultural and historical places, this region is very significant by the rare beauty. Near Prolom Spa, you can see:

  • Devil’s Town
  • Lazarica Church in Prolom Spa
  • The Pločnik Neolithic Find
  • XII century churches in Kuršumlija


Certainly the most important sights near Prolom Spa is The Devil’s Town, natural landmark which is consisted of 202 stone formations created by erosion. Its height is between two and 15 meters, topped by stone blocks weighing as much as 100 kg, appearing unreal and yet lasting for centuries. All these characteristics make The Devil’s Town a true wonder of nature and the location that attracts many people from all around the world.