Royal experience in Topola & Oplenac combined with ethno village



In the morning departure to Oplenac. Oplenac is the center of the Serbian Royal Family. This complex is consisted of the endowment of King Petar Ist  which contains the church of St. Đorđe, King Petar’s house, new opened Gallery (The house of vinogradar) and Karađorđe’s fortified town. All this represents the unique monument of the cultural-historical heritage of the Serbian people.
In time for lunch we will proceed to ethno village Babina reka which is near Oplenac and situated on the splending slopes of Sumadija region. Ethno village Babina reka is located in an area of one hectare between Lazarevac (12km) and Arandjelovac (20km). It was built in the last 10 years, and the work began in June 2010. The property of Živković family is isolated in the deep nature of all urban. It is surrounded by hills, mountains, streams, rivers, forests, and only 50 meters from the complex, there is a lake where you can fish, enjoy walking next to him, or relax watching the reflection on its surface from one of wonderful restaurants… The nature in its full richness!

On one side you can watch the lake and the forest, and on the other you can enjoy in a unique garden with stone retaining walls, wooden sculptures and fountains pouring water flowing peace and satisfaction with their murmur.

The interior of the restaurant is a unique, pleasant ambience and has an open fire place which gives on cold days especially pleasant atmosphere.

The whole place is filled with art paintings and Sumadija photographs of old houses in Serbia. Their author is Slavisa Zivkovic who is also the owner of this unique architecturally ethno village which clearly feels blend of architecture and art. Within the complex is a beautiful garden with fountains and shade for over 200 people, a stage for cultural program, parking and souvenir shop. We will have traditional serbian lunch there as well as home made brandy „rakija“!!! Return to Belgrade in evening hours.