Soko spa, Serbia






Soko spa is a large health centre and a famous spa. Its thermal springs have been known for their healing abilities since the Romans. What makes Sokobanja attractive are its thermal and mineral waters, ideal height above the sea level, mild continental climate, fresh, oxygen-abundant mountain air, beautiful untouched natural environment. It is a renowned tourist centre with a more than 170 years old tradition. Natural medicinal factors of the spa are thermal and mineral springs whose temperature ranges from 28°C (Banjica) to 45.5°C (Park), radon gas with good ionization, fresh mountain air with no pollution and very mild continental climate. There are seven hotels in the spa: „Sunce”, “Moravica”, “Zdravljak”, “Turist” and a natural rehabilitation centre „Banjica“. There are many medical facilities, hospitals and specialized hospitals. Apart from having state-of-the-art medical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation equipment, Sokobanja has thermal water, pools, gyms, sport halls, tennis and futsal courts. Sokobanja is situated on slopes of the Ozren mountain (1117 meters) and the Rtanj mountain is nearby. The spa is surrounded with beautiful and spacious parks and picnic grounds. Since the outbreak of radioactive gases in the whole territory of Soko Spa, every visitor is exposed to constant mild inhalation, which is very beneficial effect on respiratory organs and the whole organism.The most common form of treatment is the use of thermal waters.Waters of Spa are classified and they all have their chemical, thermal, mechanical and electrodynamic properties. Bathing in these waters leads to various changes in the organism. Thermal springs in Soko Spa are among the most radioactive in this part of Europe. A total of six major, whose water temperature ranges from 28-45°C.