Visit Jewish museum



With its long history, Belgrade hides stories of the Jewish people in Serbian Capital. Now it is time to go inside of the Belgrade tales and meet Jewish history and culture. Our tour starts from Synagogue, placed in the city Center. After Synagogue we will continue to central Belgrade streets and visit proud Belgrade Park and mighty Belgrade Fortress. From the top of the Belgrade Fortress we will pass through its walls and stop in front of the Nebojsa’s Tower. It represents the only remaining well preserved medieval building within the Belgrade Fortress. It was built around 1460 and belongs to the oldest type of early artillery canon towers. Later on we will continue to the Monument to Jewish victims – important witness of the II world war time in Belgrade. It is that is placed at one of the most attractive part of Belgrade – its river bank.
Following the Belgrade sights we will arrive in Jevrejska Street (Jewish street). This street has always been the center of the Jewish life in Belgrade and its location hasn’t changed since the XVI century.

Today, there are only few fragments that reminds to its Jewish past – the old houses (including synagogue and other sacral places) have been replaced with new resident and industrial buildings.
At the end of this Jewish history tour, we will visit The Jewish Historical Museum. It was founded in 1948 and it is unique in the whole region, specialized for Jewish topics, and it is archiving a significant material from the whole region.