Vrnjačka banja, Serbia






Vrnjačka Spa is located around 200km from Belgrade, in the central of Serbia. This is one of the biggest and most famous spas in Serbia which offers variety programs for those who decide to visit it. Considering the climate, Vrnjačka Spa has a moderate continental climate, with moderately warm summers and cold winters. It is also protected by Goč Mountain in the south, east and west. Vrnjačka Spa has seven mineral springs. Four of these springs are used in spa therapies. The most famous mineral spring is ToplaVoda Spring which represents the oldest spring of mineral water. It is unique because its temperature is the same as thetemperature of the human body (36.5°C) – world natural phenomenom, and the only spa resort in the world, known for that temperature of water. In addition to use of mineral waters, more treatments are carried out by applying modern medical doctrines, appropriate diet under supervision of dieticians, properly dosed physucal activiry, physical therapy, education and medicament therapy in healing.